Venus McFlytrap was a character who had appeared in the original Monster High cartoon/doll line, which was between 2010-2016, and in the reboot since 2016. That same year, Em had starting making doll videos on YouTube which featured characters from Monster High, Ever After High, and Barbie, where Venus was featured as a main character.

In Monster High

Sometimes, Venus will be described as chaotic, "loud and in your face". An avid party animal, Venus has energy to use and give, and, along with her punk style, she can be fun-loving and act rather crazy.

However in most fiction, Venus is a down-to-earth girl, who lives pacifically her high schooler life, kind and whole hearted, although with just as much energy as her other persona, almost always in a hurry about the things she is passionate about, using terms such as ASAP to demand speed.

However, if there is one thing that remains constant between her two personas, it has to be her love for nature. Extremely doted to saving the environment, especially the flora, and gets extremely passionate about this, finding intolerable what the humans and fellow monsters do to the world, and how little they do to save it.

She goes great lengths to save an issue that affects her, as a plant monster, more than anyone else, since nature is literally her home.

In The Doll Videos

Venus does not seem to have a definitive personality, similar to the other characters, which may have been done to make her more “human” in terms of personality.


Venus appears in all but 2 Episodes.

  • Ep2
  • Ep3
  • Ep4
  • Ep5
  • Ep6
  • Ep7
  • Ep9
  • Ep10


  • The Doll used to portray Venus was her “Music Festival” doll with cut hair and missing arms.
  • Venus was absent from the 1st episode because Em either couldn’t find the doll, or thought that it had a gross haircut.

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