Javier Monotonious (pronounced Ha-Vee-Air), originally known as “Josy the Rabbit,” is a fictional character created by the YouTuber and Cartoonist Em. First appearing in a series of “test comics” on Tumblr, Jav has since been planned for starring in a TV show, Short Films, and a Theatrical Movie.


Javier is portrayed as optimistic and fearless, but in actuality is very flawed in nature. He apparently shares most traits with his “species,” such as being able to fly with his Ears/Antennae, and having a craving for fish and blood (his favourite being Red Snappers).

It’s hinted throughout the series that Em has partial control over Jav’s life, even owning the University that he would later attend.


  • Javier was originally meant to be a Transwoman, before Em had thought that it was overdone and blatant, so Em made him a male character.
  • In the earlier comics (#1-19ish), Jav couldn't pronounce the letter L, though this was later removed due to Em wanting to focus on other aspects of his character.
  • Em has compared several fictional characters to Javier, including, Beppe from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Candy from Space Goofs, Fidgel from 3-2-1 Penguins!, Grover, Ernie and Elmo from Sesame Street, Art, Terri, Chet, Reggie, Javier, and Randall from Monsters University, and Anna from Frozen.