Javier is the Main Deuteragonist of Citizens of Em Street. He is a Black Furry Animal of indeterminate species who was found by Em, who gave him a home in Em’s World.


“Javier is not the biggest contrast to Drake. He remains relaxed due to his medication. And is basically Em’s Understudy-Figment-Foster Adult. Cue the Disney Orchestra!”


Javier is a Mammalian Creature with Black Fur, Long Rabbit Ears, Rabbit Feet, a Curvy Tail, and a White Heart-Shaped Face, resembling a widow’s peak. He is rarely depicted wearing clothes.


Javier is an Ageless Black Monotonious who Em found in Nairobi, Kenya, later taking him to Em’s World to looks after him, and so he could recover from his injuries. He’s a friendly creature who lives in an Apartment in The Em Tower’s lowest sub-basement. He loves things like basketball, fairytales, and checkers. He’s a very childish person, but has severe mental problems and takes antidepressants. When he doesn’t take them, he acts violent, scared, and gets upset more easily. He is sexually confused, but likes both men and women. His voice varies depending the role he is playing in the episode. When he is relaxed, he either speaks in a calm monotone voice, or a quiet raspy voice. His other voice variations include a Brooklyn Accent, a SpongeBob SquarePants Impression, and a Figment (from Journey into Imagination) Impression. He is usually represented by the color Red. Jav suffers from memory loss and wants to see his Mom. When Jav first landed in Em’s World, he had to take 5 Injections when Em found out that he wasn’t vaccinated as a child. Other than that he is very healthy and smart. He idolizes Curly Howard and loves carbonated water. He acts happy-go-lucky to fight against his mental issues.


Citizens of Em Street

Javier is one of the 5 Main Characters in the upcoming Show, alongside Drake Josh, Heather Rojo, Terry Jackson, and Birdtha Huber-Bianchi. He is also the only Male protagonist aside from Drake.


  • In Episode 1 of The Crazy Peepols Podcast, Em says that Jav only has Male Body parts, but has also said he is a hermaprodite (meaning that he has the genitalia of both Sexes). Em has also said he’s sterile (meaning he can’t reproduce). It’s unknown is he was born that way, or if Em sterilized him to keep him under control.
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