Javier (the) Monotonious, nicknamed Jav, is one of the main protagonists of Citizens of Em Street. He is a Black Monotonious who recently moved to Em’s World.


“Javier is not the biggest contrast to Drake. He remains relaxed due to his medication. And is basically Em’s Understudy-Figment-Foster Adult. Cue the Disney Orchestra!”


Javier is a Black Monotonious, a fictional species with Black Fur, Long Rabbit Ears, Rabbit Feet, a Curvy Tail, and a White Heart-Shaped Face, resembling a widow’s peak. In one image of him, he has heterochromia, one of his eyes is red, and one of his eyes is green. This is caused by an eye infection.


Javier is a seemingly Ageless Black Monotonious, with his age believed to be anywhere between 16-40. He was originally found frozen in the North Pole by Lutelandian scientists with members of his tribe, making him prehistoric. He is homeless, living in an alleyway on Em Street, and occasionally staying at Drake’s apartment. He is a closeted Bisexual, though Drake and Brother Che are the only men he’s ever had feelings for. He is usually represented by the color Red or Purple. Jav occasionally suffers from memory loss, and his friends need to repeat information to him. Javier is severely underweight and constantly starving. He acts happy-go-lucky to fight against his mental issues, and once he moves to Em’s World a country with universal healthcare, he starts taking medication. His favorite Disney Movie is Pinocchio. He is easily prone to nosebleeds. His surname is a placeholder given to him by Dr. Em, and its unknown what his real surname is. It’s possible that Javier is his last name. He used to work as a slave for The Hellspawns, before leaving to travel the world, meeting Em, and in the end, reuniting with his fellow tribe members.


Citizens of Em Street

Javier is one of the 5 Main Characters in the upcoming Show, alongside Drake Josh, Heather Rojo Pérez, Terry Jackson, and Birdtha Huber-Bianchi. He is also the only Male protagonist aside from Drake. He also appears frequently in the comics.


  • His name means “castle” or “new house.”
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