Em’s World, located in the mind of Em, is the main setting of the upcoming television series Em Street and it’s related media.


Em had traveled many dimensions before finding to soil that became Em’s World. Before they did, Em would try to find ways to just escape their apparently painful life. Em had a vivid imagination and thus concocted the plan to make cartoons awesome again! Starting with conceiving the Garden of Em-den and later moving on to the rest of the gigantic Universe, that they could now call “their new comfort zone.”



The world currently consists of 10 cites/towns, New Amyorkhearst, Queensfax, LaBrec, Torantno, The Crapwest territories, Oxford (a real town located in Nova Scotia), Bristcoover, Terryboro, Isle Delphia and Em’s little bubble, though others are occasionally mentioned.

List of People who live in Em’s World

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