DISCLAIMER: This article contains minor references to NSFW subject matter. For those who feel uncomfortable reading about, discussing, or searching about such works, as well as young children without parental approval, be careful.

Em is a Canadian YouTuber and Cartoonist from Nova Scotia. Em is currently known for creating the Website The Em’s World Wiki, and for being a huge fan of things from the 90’s to 2000’s (specifically 1980-2016).


  • Em was born somewhere between 1997-2005 which would make Em a Gen Y/2000’s kid.
  • Em’s avatar took inspiration from Rebeltaxi and The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Em has a weird dislike for Justin Bieber, and once called The Kissing Booth “Justin Bieber diarrhea.”
  • Em is a Lesbophobe, because Em thinks that they reinforce Butch-Femme Stereotypes.
  • Em self-indentifies as Agender and Aromantic, and hates the thought of having sex.
  • Em has "middle functioning" Autism.

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