Big Sister Canada was a YouTube video uploaded to Em’s old account in September of 2016. It was created as a pilot to a series with the same name, but was later cancelled, thus leaving a cliffhanger. Em has never forgotten about the video in question, and personally dislikes it, due to a lack of character development and distinct voice acting.


Clawdia, Howleen, Rochelle, Venus, Gigi, and Toralei compete to not get voted off or disqualified, and their challenge is to get along.

After the intro, Howleen and Toralei are seen watching Planes on a Wii U Gamepad (referred to as “the Television”), while Venus and Gigi talking about how Clawdia wants to have kids someday. A few Minutes later, Toralei gets a Bed delivered “from Hong Kong to Canada,” and refuses to share it with Gigi, which immediately upsets her.

The episode ends with the announcer asking wether or not Gigi or Toralei should be voted out, and due to the premature end of the series, neither Gigi nor Toralei were ever voted out.


  • Clawdia Wolf: Howleen’s Older Sister who wants to have Quadruplets someday.
  • Venus McFlytrap: A punk with a Mohawk who wants to star on MTV’s Girl Code (a real life TV show).
  • Howleen Wolf: Clawdia’s self-absorbed Younger Sister who wants the be the star of the show.
  • Toralei Stripe: A housecat who’s sick of being home all the time.
  • Rochelle Goyle: A Gargoyle who wanted to star in a Romantic Comedy with her boyfriend Garrett called Woo, before learning that the name was taken (by a real life movie).
  • Gigi Grant: A Genie, who is another contestant on the show.
  • The Male Announcer: The Announcer who is heard at the beginning and end of the Episode.

(Note: All of the Characters are voiced by Em, before they gained their iconic monotone voice)